13 Signs your child needs to see a Child Psychologist

13 Signs your child needs to see a Child Psychologist

Feb 26, 2020 | Child Psychology, Psychology

All kids have emotional ups and downs while growing up. The ups and downs vary from surroundings or background. Moodiness, trouble in friendships, academic performance, failure in school activities (sports, culture, competitions) are some of the common forms of ups and downs.

Parents use various best possible forms of convincing to get their child of such ups and downs. But, somewhere deep down a child’s mind, there are serious thoughts that disturb deeply him/her. A child will not directly speak about it. It’s the parent’s duty to have a keen observation regarding your child’s behavior.

Don’t be ashamed, scared, or awkward to seek for professional help. Just search on the internet Child Psychologist near me and get to the place as soon as possible. Child Psychologists are always better personalities to heave your child from a psychological disorder.

When to look for a Child Psychologist:

  1. A child begins feeling bad, irritated, or of no use about himself/herself.
  2. An adolescent appears to be under confident or less effective.
  3. He/she loses hope or interest in things or games once enjoyed a lot.
  4. He/she shows unnecessary and too much worry about the future.
  5. Has problems in numerous areas of life such as family relationships, friendships, academic performance, etc.
  6. Kid fails in reputed competitions held in school or representing a school. (Failures have more impact on a child’s mind than success)
  7. Withdraws himself/herself from friends or families or activities enjoyed before.
  8. Has a noticeable change in sleeping or appetite.
  9. Frequently engaging in negative behavior or environment.
  10. Constant self-destructing behavior such as skin picking, hair pulling
  11. Talks about or engages in destructive behaviors.
  12. Feels or utters dialogues like “I wish I wasn’t here”, “Nobody cares for me”, “Nobody cares my existence”.
  13. Talks or explicitly thinks about suicide.

Above mentioned signs clearly indicate the need to see your child a child psychologist. Parents often think seeing a child psychologist will mean medication and hospitalizing a child, but when issues aren’t too serious, therapy works wonders.

Advantages of visiting a Child Psychologist:

  1. A child psychologist heals your kid from anxiety and depression
  2. A child psychologist is a motivation booster
  3. A child psychologist develops lifelong coping mechanisms
  4. A child psychologist teaches you to learn to think outside of yourself.

Seeking professional help in the form of a child psychologist can make life easier and happier for all of you.

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