Student Resources

Student Resources

There are infinite psychology resources available on and off the web for psychology students and individuals who want to test their luck in the psychology field. Universal Psychology and psychology portals, websites contain a large amount of general and topic-specific information or a large number of well-organized psychology links.

System of Psychology:

Analytical psychology thought includes behavioural, cognitive, humanistic, psychodynamic and other formal theories.

Psychology Topics:

Psychology covers a huge range of topics. It’s an extremely vast field. The topics may include current hot topics like specific addiction, the outbreak of an epidemic disease, war, etc. Personality, human health, motivation, sensation, perception, memory, social psychology, relation, race, lesbian and gay issues, disorders are the major topics dominated in psychology.

Psychology and Treatment:

The material available for psychology on the internet as well as in books regards the thorough information of psychiatric disorders, mental health and its treatment.

How to Read Psychology Journal Articles?

Being a psychology student, you need to read tons of best and interesting psychology articles published in academic and professional journals at some point. Some of you may read it as literature, or a part of paper writing, or writing a critique of an article as per your instructor’s instruction. Whatever, the purpose you need to understand it carefully and summarise the content in your own words.

Research articles can seem complex and daunting, especially for beginners who have no experience of reading and writing such types of paper. Adopting the technique of reading and writing such content is a context of experience. Learning a few techniques eases the process.

Understand the structure of an article:

The first impression of any psychology academic journal is quite confusing and a mixture of unfamiliar terminologies. If you add a strategy or proper methodology to understand a psychology scientific article, it will have a better understanding for you.

The Abstract-

The abstract gives an overview of the article. It will give an idea of the article as well as decides, whether the information is relevant to your topic of interest or not. The abstract gives a great idea of what the article will cover.

The Introduction-

The introductory part of an article introduces the problem and reviews previous research and literature on the topic. An introduction helps you better understand the background and motive of research as well as the current questions under investigation.

The Method-

The method section of an article allows you in knowing the way of research conducted. Information about the participants, the procedures, the instruments and the variables that were measured are all described in this section.

The Result-

The result tells you the output of the study. This important section details what the researchers found, so pay careful attention to this part of the article. A graphical representation, tables, stats, figures are frequently included in the result in addition to text.

The Discussion-

In the discussion section, the authors interpret the results, outline the implications of the study and provide possible descriptions of future research that should be conducted.

Take notes:

Taking down notes and asking questions is an important and critical part of your reading as it summarises the content in your own words. Write down all the important terminologies definition and meaning which you did not understand. Once you have read an entire article, look back to the information that you did not understand. Use another source, if you did not get it exactly. This might involve using a dictionary, textbook, online resource or even asking a classmate or your professor.

Identify the key information:

When you are looking for information that supports hypothesis in your own paper or overviewing an article, you should ask certain important questions. The questions may include:

What is the main hypothesis?

Why is this research important?

Did the researchers use appropriate measurements and procedures?

What were the variables in the study?

What was the key finding of the research?

Do the findings justify the author’s conclusions?

Reading clinical psychology articles, behavioural psychology articles or any other psychology topic articles need some good time and valid effort. It’s a critical part of the research process. By adopting the skill of how to approach these articles and knowing what to look for as you skim through them, you will have an easier time selecting sources that are appropriate for your research project or paper.

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