What is Technology?

Technology is the skills, methods and processes used to achieve goals. It is the way we apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes. A hammer and the wheel are two examples of early human technology. Technology can also be defined as something which reduces human effort or makes the task easier to achieve. We, the people are being habitual now to every technology for almost every purpose. For example: improved healthcare, online shopping, easy travelling, usage of different types of machinery in various industries, etc.

Definitely, technology has made our life better and easier. Being known to the use of technologies we are pretty relaxed before doing any task or work. We know exactly what kind of technology should be used at what time and for what purpose. Smart technology has made us smarter.

Types of Technology:

Following are the common types of technology-

Information Technology:

Information technology is an extensive type of technology based on machines that process data and performs calculations at a great speed known as computers or supercomputers. Most modern technologies have some serious relationship with information technology.


Networks are connected to each other with the purpose of creating a large network such as the internet. These are the links that allow devices to share data.


Sensors are the devices that capture the data from the environment or surroundings such as microphones, cameras, etc.

Internet of Things:

Internet of things is the practice of embedded computers, sensors and networking abilities into everyday objects such as infrastructure.


Transport technology includes high-speed trains and aircraft.


The technology of energy includes infrastructure such as solar panels, grids and windmills.


Farm Robots are part of agriculture technology.

Art and Music:

Music synthesisers used for creating things of artistic value.


Architectural technologies consist building of elevators for apartments or smart windows.

Entertainment and Media:

Entertainment and Media technology includes tools for consuming or producing entertainment and media.


Appliances technology means devices that are used in or around the house such as fan, mixer, refrigerator, water heater, etc.

Industrial Machines:

The industrial machines technology includes specialised machines for the purpose of manufacturing or mining.

Clothing and Accessories:

Technologies that are part of clothing and fashion accessories like watches.

Medical Technology:

A huge branch of technology that includes medicines, devices, treatments, procedures and systems designed to prevent, cure or mitigate health issues.

Assistive Technology:

Assistive technology means devices that improve the capabilities of disabled people such as hearing aid.

Science Technology:

Science technology means tools or devices used for scientific purposes such as particle colliders.

Space Technology:

Space technology is a vast field of technology that include devices to explore space such as space crafts and communication satellites.


Robotics technology includes a class of machines with semi-autonomous capabilities meaning that robots are able to handle specific tasks in real-world conditions without direction.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial technology is a technology that adopts learning and improves on its own.

Super intelligence:

Super intelligence is a theoretical type of technology that exhibits intelligence which exceeds even smarter humans.

How Technology makes life easier?

Yes, we all agree on the known fact that technology has made life better. Innovation has changed the world and our individual lives in a for all intents and purposes incalculable rundown of ways. Here are the few ways that prove technology made our life easier.

Improved Healthcare:

Technology has boosted so much the field of healthcare that it would be impossible to list out all the positive changes in a year alone. The new innovations and discoveries in healthcare have been proved comprehensively effective. The death rate has decreased by quite a remarkable number.

Safer Online Transactions:

Every one of us is well aware of the fact about the rise of identity theft and cyber-crime, but there are many ways for Internet users to protect themselves. Irrespective of the options you choose, technology-driven payment systems are a lot secure to make payments, any time of the day.

Easier Communication

Technology has certainly made communication easier. With lots of various technologies available on various devices, we are able to communicate with the person from one part of the world to the other part of the world.

Change in Travel Industry:

Travel Industry has witnessed a rapid and extensive change due to technology. These days, you can undoubtedly find puts by utilizing Google Earth Maps, etc. You simply need to introduce this application on your cell phone or tablet and use it to find places. This can be useful particularly when you are going for experiences adventures, etc. Additionally, when you are going to new places, you can set the next destination to prevent yourself from getting lost.

The Advertisement has been made easier:

Technology has made advertising easier. There are many ways through which you can advertise your business. The use of social media will make your advertising from local to a global level.

Locate easily the lost items:

It’s quite frustrating to lose car keys, mobile phones or wallets. There are certain apps you need to install in your cell phone that will assist in locating your car keys in case you misplace them.

Data saving and Retrieval made easier:

Earlier on, individuals needed to physically document the significant information of their clients. Data was put away in documents, etc. This really made recovering of information progressively troublesome. It used to be time-consuming, etc. These days, you can really utilize a computer or a laptop to spare information and recover it. In just once click; you can quickly discover the name of a client, the birth date, address, etc.

Easier Learning:

Technology has made learning easier. Learning has an infinite limit with modern inventions, discoveries and innovations. These days, you can get any data on the web. In the event that you need to find out about a person or thing, you simply need to visit the search engine and look for the content that you need.If you have assignments, you can get the information that you need on the internet too. With technology, learning has become a relentless waterfall.

Technology can be boon as well as a curse. The usage of technology certainly affects your mental as well as physical health.

Psychological effects of Technology:


We all know technologies like social media are designed with the motive of bringing people together, yet it may have vice versa effects in some cases. Too much social media use will isolate you by losing face to face conversation with the people. The absence of a healthy face to face communication may have adverse effects in a healthy relationship.

Mental Health Disorders:

Spending too much amount of time in the virtual world may lead to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. You may feel left alone, isolated or depressed. Too much use of games and social media may lead to a loss of happiness in your life also it feels you the forgetfulness of the actual world around you.

Physical effects of Technology:


Excess use of devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops hold an individual’s attention quite long. This may lead to eyestrain. Digital symptoms of eyestrain may include blurred vision and dry eyes. Larger use of respective devices may also lead to pain in head, neck or shoulders.

Poor Posture:

The way people use devices like computers or smartphones lead to incorrect posture. Further, it may take an individual to the suffering of musculoskeletal issues.Many technologies promote a ‘down and forward’ user position, meaning the user has to lean forward to look down at the screen. This may put unnecessary pressure on the neck and spine.

Reduction in Physical activity:

The extended use of digital technologies promotes a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to a loss of physical activity which results in harsh effects on health. Reduced physical activity can cause you obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, premature death.

Sleep disturbances:

Using digital technologies during bedtime may lead to issues with sleep. Either it can cause insomnia or oversleep. The blue light emerging from cell phones, computers or other digital technologies stimulates the brain. Also, it may lead to a fretful dream. Meeting negative vibes on digital technologies can disturb a sound sleep with dangerous dreams. Dreams may meet the facts you witnessed digitally before going to bed.

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