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Psychologie India aims to get people suffering from schizophrenia directly in touch with the Best Psychotherapists in India. We want to be a precise medium between the schizophrenic patients and Psychotherapists. Psychologie India is bound to be intermediate among the Psychotherapists and Psychic health sufferers where counselors treat their clients and care for them from the bottom of the heart and with whole love and affection. We are committed to bringing the happiness and joy on the face of such people through honest and valid efforts of Best Psychotherapists listed on our website. Psychologie India aims to be the ocean of happiness where all people have access to information and treatment that can help them improve their mind and emotional health and achieve harmony and peace.

Who we are

Psychologie India is an online resource that provides you the thorough guidance to improve and maintain your cognitive health with the help of Best Psychotherapists registered on our website. We are the unbreakable bridge between the Best Counselors of India and Indian people suffering the telepathic health issues. We provide you all the assets which will make your life happier and healthier. Psychologie India guides you through all the psychic health issues from a grassroots level and provides a permanent solution.


Psychologie India’s main goal is to bring stability and peace in the life of people who are suffering from cognitive illness. We want to support such people and make honest and valid efforts to improve their health. We want to make endeavors to educate people about conscious health issues, treatment, therapy and the process of therapy. Psychologie India wants to bring back the disappeared happiness in the life of such people. We are committed to bringing the harmony and joy on the faces of telepathic health victim people. We are dedicated to bring back the hope in such people’s lives and assist them in living a stress- free, tension- free life. Psychologie India aims to reach up to every individual who is fighting with such issues. We are bound to help in fighting with the myths regarded on the same subject. We want to keep our self consistently busy in encouraging people to fight and tackle with telepathic issues.

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You can’t change the past, but by working together with a counselor, you will understand and resolve challenges in your life. Contact a counselor for relieving emotional distress and other cognitive health issues for a better tomorrow.