8 Important Tips to Overcome Exam Stress

8 Important Tips to Overcome Exam Stress

Feb 7, 2020 | Disorders, Stress

A little stress is useful. It pushes you to work harder and better. But, excess stress, especially during the exam, can become a hell of a life.

According to 2015 data from the National Crime Records Bureau, 8934 (6.7% of all suicides) students are committing suicide every year. That’s one student every hour. The stats are unbelievably horrible.

The numbers speak the volume of exam stress disturbing student’s life. Higher competition and parents’ expectations are one of the strong reasons, students take exam stress.

We need to look more seriously on this topic. Parents and the elders of the family or friends should make a valid and honest effort to help out students to reduce their stress during the exam period.

We must be committed to taking care of students we know during their exam phase.

Students must adopt the techniques and methods of overcoming stress during the exam.

Here are the Tips to Rescue from Exam Stress:

(1) Take Regular Intervals:

Even the busiest timetable of the exam must be included with an essential amount of time for a break. International cricketers too take a break every 70 minutes of play. Break relaxes your body physically and mentally as well. A 20-minute break every 2-3 hours of study will ease your exam stress. The break will not at all will break your tempo or link of consistent studying. Rather, it will refresh and re-energize you.

(2) Exercise and be outdoors:

Walking or running in a nature-friendly environment will burn out all your exam stress and frustration. It not only helps you physically for relaxation but improves overall blood circulation of the body. This helps you in staying healthy during the exam to study accordingly. Blood circulation in the brain signifies in remembering the lessons you learned. Enjoy a movie or have a short trip with your close ones or friends. This will release all the tension you obtain during the exam period and will re-energize you to study more.

(3) Don’t compare yourself with others:

Get habitual to the old saying “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Every individual is unique in this world. You are one of them. Just focus on the things that you want to achieve. Comparison creates more tension and negativity. Be yourself and proceed towards success.

(4) Share the Success:

Be a part of group studies. Spend some time with your peers and have a discussion with them. This will bring joy and may help in adopting new techniques and methods of studying. The ideas and sharing of thoughts will refresh your mind and boost new energy. In 2004, a research paper published in Linguistics and Education saw that revising with peers is an effective study technique as it allows individuals to better absorb their own notes.

(5) Do Yoga:

Many yoga poses stimulate the body position in its own sense, which can help to relieve anxiety and help a child reach and maintain the optimum level of alertness for learning by improving concentration and focus. In the form of meditation, Yoga keeps the nervous system healthy. Doing Yoga while taking a break from your hours-long studying enhances brain function and reduces the risk of anxiety, stress, and depression.

(6) Believe in yourself:

Be positive always. Believing in yourself will definitely get you to score the amount you have studied. Stay calm and focus on the positives. If any negative thought struck your mind, replace it with positive ones. Positivity and belief are the keys to any sort of success. Remind yourself from time to time that you are well prepared and ready for the exam. Positivity works wonders and will get you more marks.

(7) No Panicking:

Getting panic before exams is a common thing among every type of student. Panicking will create tension and may blank your brain. Whenever you feel or get panic just take 6-7 deep breathes and stay calm for a little while. Drinking a glass of water will reduce the intensity of panic.

(8) Speak to someone:

If you are feeling depressed, tense, stressed then be open to your closed ones or the person you feel comfortable with. Seeking for help is never a shameful thing; rather it will rediscover and rejoice you. If you can’t find someone with whom you can talk, it is always better to go for a counselor with the permission of elders or parents. Counselors find the best and professional solution for any stress or anxiety. Counselors definitely take you out of depression or tension. 

Some Rapid Techniques to Knock Out Exam Stress:

  1. Watch a film, or a TV show, a comedian that makes you laugh. Laughing reduces huge stress.
  2. Drink herbal tea or hot chocolate. It’s a well-known fact that hot drinks calm the soul.
  3. Cook or bake something. Enjoying your own prepared food will bring joy on your face
  4. A shower or a bath helps to relieve a lot of stress.
  5. Get some sleep or a nap; it will refresh your mind and brain. It will re-energize you as well.

Best of Efforts Everyone!

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