How to get rid of Loneliness during the Coronavirus pandemic?

How to get rid of Loneliness during the Coronavirus pandemic?

May 18, 2020 | Brain Health

Being lonely is always a hard time one can have. If you are struggling with the loneliness that too during the coronavirus pandemic, then probably you are having the worst time of your life. This is the time you can feel a hell lot of frustration and boredom. Loneliness can also lead to sadness or depression, stress and anxiety. Out of control stress or anxiety can overcome by visiting the best psychologist near me or the best counselling therapist near me or the best psychiatrist near me.

Here is the list of things you can do to kill Loneliness:

1) Stay updated, informed:

Always stay updated on the surroundings you are living in. Get detailed information about the virus through various authentic sources of news. Do not get panic or be vulnerable in any situation. Getting in touch with news constantly or the latest updates may lead to stress, worry or anxiety. Therefore, limit your media consumption to a particular extent. Schedule a particular time for a particular period for the news.

2) Locomote:

Being active is a good thing for your body in both manners physically as well as mentally. Perform regular exercises and spot jog. Exercising freshens up your mind and feels energetic. Sun salutation, yoga and meditation will relax your body and keep you cool, calm and composed.

3) Be productive:

Productivity varies from one individual to another. But, still common productive things can include cleaning a house, rearranging a wardrobe, restructuring an interior, etc. This will feel good for your eyesight. You can also sign up for an online course and do a bit of work each day or create a family tree using genealogy websites.

4) Spend time online:

Play online games you love. Participate in online various kinds of quiz competitions so as to brush up your knowledge. Search for the things or places or personalities you would love to know about. Sign up for online forums about your hobbies or interests.

5) Keep hygiene and be healthy:

Maintaining hygiene and staying healthy is an effective way to take care of your psychological health. Eat good healthy food and have plenty of sleep. Take a bath daily and wash hands on a consistent basis. Washing clothes is a strange way to relieve stress. Have a cup of herbal tea if possible. Lighting a camphor or incense sticks can help in reducing stress and fear. It can help in wiping out the negativity.

6) Write:

Try to be a creative writer. Write anything you love or know about. Papering a poem is a good way to boost your logical thinking and wake up creativity. You are also free to:

  • Practice writing in a journal each day
  • Take up hand lettering or calligraphy
  • Start a daily blog journaling your experiences for others to read

7) Divert yourself:

Another approach to help your psychological wellness is to discover healthy diversions. These diversions might come in the form of reading, watching shows, listening to music, or finding other activities that interest you.

8) Plan for the future:

Planning for the future is one of the best ways to feel less alone. While planning for the future, focus on it completely without thinking about the past irrespective of good and bad. Make a list of your career options, ambitions, places you are keen to visit, things you want to do and enjoy in a life. Prioritise your things or events. Think about what kind of partner you would love to marry to. Plan steps to acquire financial stability as well. Once you are done with the entire planning, write down all the steps to implement it at least in a rough manner.

9) Be in touch:

Remain connected with your loved ones through various platforms so as to relieve your own as well as their stress. Communicating with loved ones act as refreshment booster and pressure absorber.

10) Seek help of the Best Psychologist near me:

At any point, you feel you are losing control over things or the situation is getting worse and is failing to control your fear, stress, anxiety or depression, get in touch with the best psychologist near me as soon as possible. The counselling therapist near me or the best psychiatrist near me can assist you in solving all your psychological health problems. Do not feel hesitant or shy to share your feelings and expressions with the best psychotherapist near me. Remember all the information is kept confidential. It is always better to look for a professional help before it gets too late.

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