How to Live a Happier Life?

How to Live a Happier Life?

Dec 3, 2019 | Happiness, Self-Improvement

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind! There is no exact or particular definition of happiness, as every individual on planet has its own definition. Still, happiness in simplest of language can be defined as feeling of pleasure, satisfaction and positivity. Happiness is usually thought of as the opposite of sadness.

In the context of mental or emotional states, inclusion of pleasant or positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy is termed as happiness.

What does it exactly mean to live a happy life?

A royal house or a brand new car does not make your life happier, it is about simple joys in day to day life bring true happiness and smile on your face. Living a happier life does not mean to laugh, smile, or have fun 24*7*365 days. But, it means to have a feeling of relaxation, satisfaction, positivity and motivation at the end of the day when you go to bed, the feeling of acceptance and loving yourself. Enjoying and cherishing every moment rather than worrying about the future events is another way to live a happier life.

Ways to live a worry free and happier life!

Get completely into what you Love!

Yes, to make the life happiest be someone who always follows and does things which you are in deep love. Follow your passion! Try to make your hobby as your profession. In short, do the things which bring you a lot of joy, satisfaction, relaxation and positivity. This may include playing football, writing poems, playing cricket, acting, running etc.

Help and Assist others:

To get the satisfaction and relaxation always be helpful to people. Helping people brings more joy and happiness than personal goals. Share and transfer the knowledge of the things, field you know. Exchange of thoughts brings a better inside feeling as well. The appreciation from other side will give you lot of satisfaction. Assisting people in solving their problems will bring joy on both sides.

Be Thankful:

Appreciation of the good things happening is must to get your life happier. Thank God, people for the good deeds they are doing for you. These things realize how blessed and happy you are. Appreciation of things you are having makes your life even happier.

Smile, Laugh more:

Enjoy the moments and have a huge laugh at least once a day. This brings you lot of happiness and increases your life expectancy. Smiling creates a positive environment around you as well as internally in your body. Laughing also helps in proper functioning of your body.


Have you ever wondered why all the sportsman/woman in the world looks happy and shining? The answer is exercise. Exercise reduces stress and release endorphins. Exercising makes you an ecstatic person.

Manage Stress:

Do not let stress ruin your happiness. You deserve to be happy. To get rid of stress, practice daily yoga and meditation.

Eat Healthy:

Eat healthy food so that you don’t get sick every now and then. Healthy food functions your body metabolism correctly. This prevents you from getting sick and makes your life happier, fresher and healthier.

Spend time with loved ones:

Nothing can be substituted making you happy than spending your time with loved ones. Good communication among the loved ones brings good conversations. Loved ones include family, love, staff etc. Life is too short to live it completely alone.

Have a walk in nature:

Take out a time from this artificial world and have a good walk in nature. This will bring a lot of refreshment and renovation in your life. If possible rejuvenate day by walking through nature, this will have an excellent beginning of your day.

Forgive and Forget:

Holding a grudge too long will hammer your life. It is always better to forgive and forget the bad things that had happened in the past. Forgiving and forgetting will save your relationship. People who easily forgive and forget are big hearted and stay always happy.

Be Yourself:

Steve Jobs said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Accept and love yourself and start feeling the positive difference.

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