Powerful Techniques of Brain Hacking

Powerful Techniques of Brain Hacking

Dec 3, 2019 | History and Biographies, Psychology

What is Brain Hacking?

Brain hacking also known as mind hacking is the application of techniques and/or technologies to affect an individual’s mental state, cognitive processes or level of function. Brain hacking is practiced as a part of personality development and to increase productivity as well. It seeks to enhance cognitive function and optimize efficacy and happiness.

Importance of Brain Hacking:

As we read above, it is followed for a complete personality development. Brain hacking seeks an opportunity to look into yourself to know the better you. Mind hacking is an ongoing process of learning new things such as language, discipline, etc. This improves brain’s functioning ability. Brain hacking makes you a more matured and disciplined person. A well-planned brain hacking surpasses you on the path of success.

Powerful and effective techniques of Brain Hacking:

Smell yourself more Attractive:

Now, just play with your mind by saying “I smell great to the people of opposite sex” Researchers at the Liverpool (England) University conducted an interesting test by spraying deodorants that had powerful ingredients on men. However, half of the men got spray that contained no such magic ingredients. The outputs were the same. But, men who believed of smelling great were found more attractive to opposite sex.

Look with the different angle at your pain:

How many times have you sliced your finger during vegetables cutting? Or accidentally, how many times you have hammered your finger while attaching a photo frame on your wall? On such instances it is not easy at all to convince yourself that you aren’t hurt. However, Oxford University researchers found some unique non-medicinal way to shrink your pain. When subjects looked at their wound through the wrong end, it made the wound seem a lot smaller, and in turn they felt less pain. Strange, But True. The output is focusing on your wound will increase your pain.

Avoid Frustration using Imagination:

You come at the office and see your desk dirty and messed up. You get irritated immediately right? Now, to overcome irritation, close your eyes and visualize that desk as clean and organized. Feel relaxed about the desk. Hold the feeling and clean desk image, in your mind. Let it wash over you. What you have done, is kick-start your brain’s automatic planning system. Comparing these two images, you are automatically going to see places for things to go, and what to do with them. It’s something that takes less than a minute and saves your hours of frustration.

Use your Eyebrows to raise creativity:

A scientific research published in the Creativity Research Journal backed raising eyebrows and widening of eyes boosts creativity. Two groups of people were asked to come up with captions for a seemingly mundane image. People with raised eyebrows had much more creative and funny captions. Try it for yourself at home and see how it works with your family.

Write to Remember:

This does not mean typing on laptops, computers or mobile phones instead you have to go back to archaic form of communication that uses a pen and a piece of paper. Keeping a notepad or small diary with pen and pencil is a better idea. Research conducted at Indiana University proved that the physical act of writing something down stimulates parts of the brain that were not active when simply trying to remember something, or typing it into a computer.

Laugh a lot to reduce stress:

Laughing is the best and anywhere applicable remedy to reduce stress. If you can’t find the source of laughter just pull out the electronic device in your pocket and play a funny video or something else. Smile on your face for a specific duration will lift your shoulders and feel better. This will bring a lot of clarity in you thinking. Try Now!

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