5 types of foods to eat during Home Quarantine

5 types of foods to eat during Home Quarantine

Apr 20, 2020 | Brain Health

Immunity power is the base of all diseases and viruses to fight against. Currently, the world is in a deep threat of coronavirus. As the vaccination for the COVID-19 virus is yet to be found, being home quarantine remains the only option to stay away from coronavirus. Diet plays a huge role in increasing immunity power.

Consumption of the following foods during home quarantine will increase the immunity power:

1) Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits play a key role in increasing immunity power. It has all the essential oils that boost not only immunity power but also the healthy growth of a body. Dry fruits have vitamin E as well as omega fatty acids that may help to fight against various diseases or viruses. Giving dry fruits or its powder instead of a health drink or energy drink to children or adolescents can help their raising immunity power and overall health.

2) Wheat Tortilla (Chapati/Roti) and Rice:

If you are avoiding these foods with a fear of weight gain, then you may face a lack of energy for performing routine work or activities. Also, avoiding these foods can create a loss of protein in muscles. Proteins are essential to raising immunity power. Lacking carbohydrates will lead to the use of proteins that further affects your immunity power. So, do not avoid the consumption of wheat tortilla and rice.

3) Fruits:

Fruits contain significant vitamins and minerals that are essential for body growth. One can gain more of these from fresh fruits. Consuming fresh fruits supplies your body the required fibres and can prevent dehydration. Opt for fresh fruits to get the best results instead of juices.

4) Vegetables:

Vegetables have essential vitamins and minerals that are required for body growth as well as to increase immunity power. Avoiding or procrastinating consumption of vegetables will lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals which is not good, especially during this period. Avoid eating readily available easy to make vegetable soups as it contains preservatives or chemical components that have a high amount of salt.

5) Proteins:

It is very important to eat foods that have high proteins. Protein foods should be an essential part of your diet. Proteins boost resistivity power and body development. For non-vegetarians chicken, mutton, fish are the sources of protein. On the other hand, vegetarians can acquire protein from legumes, pulses, milk and milk foods.

Tip: Wash and clean every possible food before cooking or eating

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