Productive Things to do being Quarantine at home

Productive Things to do being Quarantine at home

Apr 30, 2020 | Brain Health

Sitting at home, relaxing or being work-free sounds interesting and exciting. The initial part of the home quarantine gives us huge relaxation and pleasure. But, after going through a specific period we may face deep boredom and stress. We may lose an excitement; we had during the initial part of the home quarantine. It is obvious that every individual has own idea of doing the things during the self-quarantine period. These things may be funny, exciting, etc. But, it is important that we make full and valuable use of the house quarantine period.

So, here are the productive things to do being quarantined at home:

1) Read:

Read a lot and acquire deep knowledge about the things you read. Your busy schedule may not have allowed reading books. It is the best time now to adopt reading and complete the books you have left unfinished. Keep variety in reading as it won’t get your boredom. Find yourself a cosy corner in your home and immerse yourself in your favourite novels.

2) Write:

Write whatever you want. The writing may include your feelings, expressions, blogging, etc. You can make your writing exciting by drafting a poem for your loved ones. Papering about the trip you had will refresh the memories as well as it will give you a feeling of reliving those precious moments.

3) Work on your physical as well as mental health:

This is the best time for the people who blame their busy schedule for not exercising. Do regular exercises at your home. Exercising refreshes the mind and boosts new energy. Paying attention to mental health is equally important. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you cope with the coronavirus anxiety and stress.

4) Stay connected virtually:

Be in touch with your friends or loved ones through texts, phone calls and other social media platforms. Contacting them refreshes your mind and injects new joy and happiness. You can also share the views and expressions regarding collecting information or knowledge as well as knowing each other’s current situation. Such sharing will make you more aware and alert.

5) Communicate with nature:

People who have a habit of taking care of plants can enjoy this activity as much as possible. Such people may not get time to spend with nature due to hectic schedules are now free to enjoy their hobby most. Gardening is probably one of the most relaxing and de-stressing activities of all time. Get vitamin D from the sun in the early morning. It is one of the best ways to begin a day.

6) Be a chef:

Try and make new delicious foods with the assistance of your loved ones or any social media platform. Taste it and serve to your family members as well. This may make you more independent in the future.

7) Involve more in a family:

Probably, this is the only time when all the family members are together at home. In normal life it is quite rare to find complete family together except at the end of the day due to own hectic schedule. Enjoy this valuable time with a family and make these moments special. Play indoor games like cards, chess, carom, snake and ladder, etc. Do the activities that fetch family together and give a license to have full fun.

8) Watch movies:

Watch out the movies you love or are interested in. Also, watch the movies regarding your work or hobby as it may turn out in getting you valuable information and knowledge.

9) Paint, Draw:

For all the art lovers this is the best time to create something creative. Try your hands and make unique drawings and paintings. Such activities boost brain power and thinking.

10) Opt for a new hobby:

This is the perfect and precious time for adopting a new hobby. Adopt a hobby of anything you have fallen in love with. This may include learning musical instruments, dance skills or trying new recipes, etc. Adopting such skills is always a plus point; no matter you belong to any profession.

11) Ask elders to tell stories:

It is not anywhere written or stated that listening stories from grandmothers or grandfathers is only a childhood thing. Ask them or anyone of your closed ones to tell the historic stories of any background. This will add more information and knowledge and also will take a short trip to history.

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Tip: The most important thing about getting quarantined at home is do not panic or get vulnerable in any situation. If you are facing or going to any sort of trouble, immediately call or look out for concerned authorities. They are the ones who will definitely help you.

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