Brain Fitness: Important for Mental Health

Brain Fitness: Important for Mental Health

Dec 20, 2021 | Brain Health, Exercises

Brain fitness is important for mental health, but what does that really mean? It simply means teaching the brain new skills and functions, including things like memory (ability to recall information), plasticity (the capacity to learn new tasks), and complex reasoning ability. But why exactly is the brain fitness of so much importance? The answer to that question is because it seems to affect—and even predict—so many different aspects of human health and wellbeing.

Just as you do with your body, it is important to exercise your mind. Our mental health affects everything in our lives: our mood, relationships, opportunities, and overall well-being. That’s why mental fitness is a crucial part of living a healthy life. There are several ways to achieve mental fitness through coaching, education and support from others, connecting to your environment, and even cultivating relationships with pets or plants. Each of us has his or her own blend of activities that contributes to the health of our mind.

Our brains consist of five main cognitive functions: memory, attention, language, visual-spatial skills and executive function. As we age, these areas may experience natural degradation—but there are ways to challenge, stimulate and effectively exercise our minds.

Brain exercises

Brain exercises are known to help keep our brain healthy, sharp and young. These are activities that engage the brain not just physically but mentally too. According to many researchers, your brain is like a muscle which needs some exercise in order to stay in shape and remain healthy. Better brain health is what you get when you do the following things:

1. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill can help you to improve your memory and also train your brain to learn new things.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to improve your brain activity. It increases the production of better quality proteins that enhance your thinking ability. Not only will you gain control over negative emotions and stress but also develop increased concentration, discipline and peace of mind.

3. Solve a puzzle or other brain training games

Fun brain games are available in both offline and online versions. The puzzle and brain training games effectively sharpen your mental ability, make you more alert.

4. Listen to music

If you want to enhance your brain fitness, you can listen to music. According to a research, listening to joyful tunes is helpful for improving mental fitness. Listening to good music enhances your mood too.

5. Try writing with the non-dominant hand

Brain exercises are very simple and easy to do but this tip on how switch things up by writing, eating and brushing with your opposite hand will help you train other parts of your brain.

6. Eat for Your Brain

Brain health is as important to you as your heart health, and the brain needs healthy fats to function well. With fish oils, nuts, seeds, and olive oil you will be providing your brain with the building blocks of a strong mind. Also eliminate Tran’s fats from your diet.

7. Read Something New

Reading is stimulating, educational and keeps your brain functioning at its best. When you open a book, you open your mind to new world and new experiences. There are so many different types of books to choose from; fact or fiction, that finding one you enjoy reading is easy! Look around your library, bookstore or online for some ideas.  You can also get a lot to read and chew on PsychologieIndia.Com.  You can subscribe our news letter to get a weekly blogs, videos, podcast when it posted on the website.

8. Get Enough Sleep

To take care of your brain, you should prioritize sleep. In between seven and nine hours of slumber every night, you allow your mind to rest, heal, and preserve memory for a lifetime. This also prevents stress-related illnesses as well as age-related cognitive decline.

9. Turn off Your Television

Don’t let the television stand in the way of your relationships, life, and more. Turn it off and take more time to create and enjoy your passions in life.

10. Make Simple Changes

To keep your brain young, you need to keep it working. Don’t be afraid to make simple changes. You can do things like switch hands to open doors, eat dessert first, or even ask a stranger on the street for directions in order to challenge your brain and get it awake again. These small changes will help your brain stay healthy, active, and young.

Importance of Engaging in Brain Activities

Whether you are looking for a way to tune-up your brain, or you have noticed some cognitive declines in yourself or someone you care about and want to do something about it, daily brain activities are the easiest and most effective defensive body movements we can take.

Brain activities are fun and easy, but they can also make a big difference in your physical, mental, and emotional health. When you work out your brain, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, staying active can help boost your energy levels. To develop a healthy memory, you need to offer it regular workouts. Whether it’s reading a book or setting up a challenging puzzle; your brain will thank you for the effort every time you use it.

Physical Exercise’s Role in Improving Brain Fitness

Exercise has an established role as an essential part of effective therapy for both mental health concerns and physical problems. Effective mental exercise programs have created specific changes in the brain in areas responsible for pain perception, moods, and breathing patterns. These programs provide a largely forgotten but very important dimension in the overall effort to improve the quality of life around us.

Being physically fit benefits your mental health, too. Exercise affects our mood, memory, learning and decision-making processes. Maintaining muscle strength helps prevent falls and related injuries as a person ages. The brain also changes as you age. Physical exercise declines as we get older. However, if you engage in physical exercise, the brain has more blood flow and electrical activity throughout the brain is increased for at least one hour after the exercise was completed.”

How Can Increase The Brain Fitness?

Methods to increase brain fitness and to decrease the effects of aging on the brain can be done right now, starting at your home. Some of these methods include eating a good diet and reducing neuro-inflammation through lifestyle changes. Following your doctor’s orders in treating disease states, like hypertension, and diabetes can also help reduce cognitive function disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The brain is the body’s most complex organ, but with proper care, it can remain healthy. Experts have found correlations between certain lifestyle factors, such as physical fitness, education and not using tobacco. Your health care provider can advise you on maintaining your health and optimizing your brain fitness.

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