How to deal with the anxiety occurring due to coronavirus?

How to deal with the anxiety occurring due to coronavirus?

May 4, 2020 | Brain Health

The world is going through the wildest dream. People of all kinds are in a huge threat due to the rapid spread of coronavirus pandemic. It is very obvious that people will go through stress and anxiety due to the environment or surrounding currently they are living in. Such stress and anxiety affect largely on a human’s life.

Mental Health issues people may face due to COVID-19 virus:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sadness
  • Adjustment issues
  • Fear for the loved ones

It is extremely significant to cope with anxiety and stress occurring due to the virus. The manner in which you adapt to pressure can go far toward guaranteeing that you’re making useful move in dealing with your psychological well-being. Fortunately, there are definite ways to manage stress and anxiety.

Here are ways to deal with anxiety and stress due to pandemic:

1) Do not panic:

It is highly important to not get panic, even if the situation turns worse. Panicking will cause more stress and anxiety. Being vulnerable will also have adverse effects on your loved ones. Be aware of the situation, but do not feel unsafe or unprotected.

2) Understand:

If you are going through any stress or anxiety, remember it is important to understand it. Firstly understand the whole stress or anxiety you are facing. Try to find out the reasons behind it and then make a genuine effort to find solutions on it. Do not jump to harsh or strange conclusions before making an endeavour to find a solution.

3) Have an authentic source of news:

Avoid any sort of news source that presents news in a too much-exaggerated way. Stay away from the sources that are too loud and noisy. Such sources may affect your mental health hazardously. Prefer sources that are authentic and trustworthy. For example, government news channels, All India Radio news. These are the sources you can rely on most and the way of presenting news is quite sophisticated.

4) Set a boundary on your media consumption:

Sitting in front of a TV watching news constantly will increase your anxiety. It is better to limit yourself to getting connected with the news. Set a certain time frame for watching, listening or reading the news.

5) Stay away from huddle mentality:

Know that numerous individuals make a move that doesn’t help. Try not to get on board just because other people are wearing masks or performing specific cleaning rituals, unless and until those things are recommended by state, central government or trustworthy concerned authorities. Otherwise, your activities could end up being unhelpful or maybe even dangerous.

6) Practice good hygiene and self-care:

Have bath daily and wash hands regularly. Wear clean and fresh clothes. Have a good healthy diet and get plenty of sleep. Engage in activities that will make you psychologically as well as physically healthy. Good self-care boosts your immune system.

7) Be in touch with loved ones:

Stay connected to your friends, loved ones, colleagues through a virtual medium. Communication with the people you love is the best way of relaxation and coping stress and anxiety.

8) Find Best Psychologist near me or Best Psychiatrist near me:

When you feel or sense that things are getting out of control, do not hesitate in finding the best Psychologist near me or the best Psychiatrist near me. Do not feel shy to share your anxiety or stress problem with a psychiatrist near me or the best counsellor near me. Remember the best psychotherapists near me are the ones who can get you out of any anxiety, stress or depression. Contact them and ask if they are available or ask for online counselling if possible. Certainly, at some point, you may have to seek the help of a licensed mental health psychologist to cope with such serious issues.

Remember: Nothing is permanent in this world, not even coronavirus.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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